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Interview with Sandra

This week we invite you to discover Sandra's world. Her blog is filled with amazing photos of her style, either her outfits are chic or casual, they are always very elegant - we are sure she could be a very serious inspiration for many of you !

Hi Sandra, thanks for accepting to answer our questions!
Could you please introduce yourself to the Stylishers?

Hello everyone! My name is Sandra and I’m better known as “Sandrita” – that’s somehow my nickname and part of my own blog – called Sandritasol ❤️
I’m a 21 years old, german based fashion & lifestyle blogger. Living the life as I want to – enjoying the sun, going out with friends, dressing like I want to. And that’s the message of my blogposts and my blog in general: enjoy, be motivated and dress, like you want to! 🙂

When did you start blogging, and what made you do it?
I started blogging in August 2016. My friends motivated me to start my own blog - it wasn’t actually my idea... I was really scared of having my own website, what others would say, etc. But then I decided to give it a try and now I love it and I couldn’t imagine to live without my blog anymore :P like really… it became very important for me!

How would you describe your style?
I actually dress as I want to. One day, I’m a very business woman, the next day I’m dressed super cozy with joggers and an oversized sweater. It depends on how I feel and how I want to feel. But mostly elegant, classy and individual.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Mostly in different blogs. I appreciate individual styles – I am going with the trends, but give them my own “spice”. So I like to mix styles and get inspired by others 😊

Who are your fashions icons?
Aida Domenech “Dulceida”, Leonie Hanne from the blog OhhCouture and Xenia van der Woodsen from Xeniaoverdose. I love their styles and they are my absolute fashion icons!!! But they aren’t only my fashion icons, they are my personal idols too. They gained so much and the only thing I need to say about them: they are “Girl Boss(es)”!!!

What’s your favourite color?
“Royal blue” and an “antique pink”. I love opposites. 🙂

What are your fashion must-haves?
Right now? Laces and Volants! Can’t get enough of volant-blouses ❤️
In general: denim jeans, leather jackets and relaxed sweater!

What is in your opinion the biggest fashion faux-pas?
As long as people feel good in what they wear, it’s not a faux-pas. But I don’t like crop tops... especially in combination with leggings. A No-go for me.

Who are your favourite designers/brands?
I’m still dreaming of Chanel and Gucci clothes, bags, etc. But I don’t have enough money for that, haha. I have a special connection to Spain and I love Spanish fashion. My favorite brands are: Mango, Stradivarius and Zara.

What can you tell us about fashion in Germany? What makes it different from other countries and cultures?
Fashion in Germany is extremely different. My experience: it depends on the city. Every city has it’s own style and people somehow fit into the picture. Unfortunately there are not many people that have an really extraordinary style. Germans are well dressed, mostly very clean. In my opinion, other countries such as France, Spain or England are braver in their style.

Who are the main German fashion brands/designers?
Uff, that’s not that easy… for example: Kapten & Son and Karl Lagerfeld, as an origin german designer.

Are there any bloggers you think the Stylishers should know about, maybe from Germany too…
As I said before, OhhCouture and Xeniaoverdose, but also Allaboutelisa. I love her style and her character. For me it’s important, that there is a character behind the words and styles. I also like Kleinstadtcarrie, Lost&Layers, Antonia Malu and Sophie Wallstabe. ❤️

Is there an advice you can give to the Stylishers who are considering starting to blog?
You need to be persistent, to blog often is what makes you an interesting blogger. People like to know you – so be personal and show feelings. You need to have ideas and have a routine. Be confident and show, what you’d like to show. Be individual and just do it! If it don’t fit into your daily life, you can delete the blog. There is nothing to loose – so: go & start blogging. 😉

And finally, are you:
. Heels or flats? Flats
. Mac or PC? Mac
. iPhone or Android? Both
And for your lips, nude or bright red? Nude

You can follow Sandra on So Stylish: Sandritasol
Instagram : @sandrita_senorita
Facebook : Sandritasol
Snapchat : sandritasol
Blog : https://sandritasol.blog/