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Interview of Megha (#30)

Today I introduce you Megha, she is from the India. She is running the blog Stilettos Diary.

When and why did you start blogging?
I decided to start my blog in the end of October 2011. I wanted to let people know that you can look good on a shoe string budget. I want to promote street style amongst the women in India. Initially I did outfits and let people know about deals but later on I got suggestions from lot of people to incorporate how I go about styling an outfit and style tips.

I was a tom boy during school days. I gave myself a makeover from the tom boy image. I achieved all of it through internet, reading articles, blogs and television shows. I thought it would be great to share what I learnt with people. Moreover I was completely obsessed about fashion, clothes, shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses. I converted my obsession into a blog. I have found my calling. I love blogging and my passion for fashion inspires me to keep blogging.

What is the first fashion-related thing you do in the morning?
Comb my hair! I am obsessed with my hair.

How would you describe your personal style?
My clothes are a reflection of my personality quirky, elegant , simple and yet fashionable. I feel fashion is like art. I believe in reusing all the clothes in my closet to the fullest to create new looks.

Do you have a favorite color? and which one is it?
Red. A hint of red in most outfits does the trick to bring out the outfit.

What are the must-have(s) in your wardrobe?
Statement rings, LBD, Red high heels, Aviators. (my green aviators from Fastrack)

What are your favorite brands?
Right now its Vero Moda, Ashley Zaba, Lotus Mendes.

Where are you from?
I am born and brought up in Garden city of India- Bangalore, India.

Can you give a stylish tip to the So Stylish community?
Your outfit should be an expression of your personality. Don't blindly copy trends. Understand your body and accept the flaws and work with it.

What do you think about Fashion & Technology? For example, if you have a smartphone, will you use apps to digitalize your wardrobe?
I think its a great idea :)

And to finish are you?
1. Mac or PC ? PC
2. Twitter or Facebook ? BOTH
3. iPhone, Android or other ? IPHONE
4. Heels or Flats ? HIGH HEELS
5. Lipstick or Lipgloss ? LIPGLOSS


A year ago, I interviewed Michelle, she was the first interview, so I asked her a few words:
Things are going really well on the blog - I'm amazed at the opportunities that have opened up for me as a result of my blog, I have made new friends and really discovered what an amazing community the blogosphere is!