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Interview of Kanika (#38)

Today I introduce you Kanika, she is from India. She is running the blog Fashion Stirred.

Can you introduce yourself?
I'm Kanika Karvinkop, im 25 years old. I've done my masters in creativity and innovation and il be graduating from the University of Malta in November.
Il be interning as a stylist with a few fashion magazines after i am done

When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging recently.
I've always wanted to show my personal style and enter forums and discussions which are fashion related. I have a few favourite bloggers that inspired me. And its great to be a part of this big family. You can check out my blog http://fashionstirred.com/ :)

What is the first fashion-related thing you do in the morning?
Once im done with my morning routine i log onto to the top 5 blogs i follow.

How would you describe your personal style?
I would'nt say i have one particular style. I love to mix and match and add color to my outfits.But my style would lean towards being bohemian yet chic!

Do you have a favorite color? and which one is it?
I love wearing subtle colors and then adding a bright bag or a few accessories. My favorite colors would be gold,white, pastel and earthy colors!

What are the must-have(s) in your wardrobe?
A white shirt, skinny jeans, denim shorts and formal jackets!

What are your favorite brands?
Zara, they always have the latest trends at a reasonable price. I also like Mango, Forever 21 and Topshop!

What do you think about the fashion style of people from your country?
India has a mix of traditional yet modern. Bright, vibrant colours, experiments with prints.I think india has a lot to offer in terms of evolving trends and people are not afraid to bring ramp looks on to the street.

Can you give a stylish tip to the So Stylish community?
The site is simple and easy to use. Keep it up and good luck!

What do you think about Fashion & Technology? Will you use apps to digitalize your wardrobe?
I definately would! Technology really plays an important role these days. In fact I use my smartphone a lot when it comes to organising my wardrobe, uploading posts, taking picture's and so much more.

And to finish are you ?
1. Mac or PC ? PC
2. Twitter or Facebook ? Both, instagram as well :)
3. iPhone, Android or other ? Android
4. Heels or Flats ? Heels for sure :)
5. Lipstick or Lipgloss ? Lipgloss

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