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Interview of Agi (#61)

Today I introduce you Agi, she is from Poland and living in London. She is writting the blog Lift Me Up Wardrobe.

Maxence: Hi Agi, can you introduce yourself?
Agi: My name is Agi Victoria Sznerch. I have finished economics back in Poland and live in London since 2004. For the past 6 yrs I have been holding a marketing manager position for the financial magazine in London.

Maxence: When and why did you start blogging?
When : 21. April 2013
Why: I like telling people what to wear hahah, but seriously I have had this idea for ages and had no balls to do it. I have started taking pictures of my daily outfits each morning in the mirror reflection of the LIFT on my way to work to help myself keeping records of the full look outfits to ease my future choices.
I have been doing this for about a year and then I reached the limit of holding this to myself and being shy and not believing in myself. That day I have decided that, this is it! I�d like to think I have opened the door for my new path and more joyful future. And that�s how LIFT me up wardrobe was born :)
Since I've committed, I work on it almost every evening after work and most of my weekends.

Maxence: What is the first fashion-�related thing you do in the morning?
Agi: My Fashion OCD ( FOCD) starts in the evening actually.
1- I check the weather for the next day first. UK forecast is extremely unpredictable so I need to know what roughly I can expect next day to be like.
2- Then I chose the colour I want to wear. My wardrobe is arranged by colours so it is easy to match outfits quickly.
3- I work around the colour I've chosen and gather full outfit together.
4- In the morning my only �stress� is abt the hair and makeup.

Maxence: How would you describe your personal style?
Agi: "Fashions fade, style is eternal." � Coco Chanel. I am a fashion sponge which adjusts the trends to my vision. You must possess the style of your own in a way.

Agi's Picture 3

Maxence: Who / what is inspiring you?
Agi: Life around me. We do rush in our lives taking most of things for granted. I've stopped and looked around me and I've started seeing the world through my eyes differently and transfer it back through my fashion. Currently am all about CARA & Rita phenomenon. I also love and spy in other fashion blogs.

Maxence: Do you have a favorite color? and which one is it?
Agi: Now : Black & WHITE, silver - In the past: N UDE, gold

Maxence: Do you have a favorite item in you wardrobe that your like to wear often?
Agi: Men�s watches. There is something sexy when women wear a men�s watch. I buy one, "a special one", every year for my B-day. Next one on my list is Burberry Sport Chronograph Mens White Rubber Strap Watch BU7760. I am also a Big fan of kimono jackets. You can simply wear them with anything.

Agi's Picture 2

Maxence: What are your favourite brands/designers?
Agi: Burberry clothes. Michael Kors watches. LV bags. Alexander wang shoes. Zara, H&M, River Island, Tops shop, Asos.

Maxence: What do you think about the fashion style of people from your country?
Agi: If I could refer back to the past to something very Polish and very accurate about Polish girls it would be this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSKvi5sB1Po
Polish girls are sexy. They have what it takes. They do have a sense of fashion no doubt about that, however we are not brave enough. We do very much care what other people say, and we also are very concerned about what is appropriate to wear for the certain age.

Maxence: Can you give a stylish tip to the So Stylish community?
Agi: Equilibrium. Balance in everything.
Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable. Donna Karan

Maxence: What do you think about Fashion & Technology?
Agi: Big fan of all the digital sphere around us.

Maxence: If you could create the best fashion website / application, which feature will you put inside?
Agi: button FIND where to buy.
I am referring here to HOT pieces - sold out items - extremely popular.
A feature that would search this one specific item just by name or by picture of it with a specification to search on line stores.
For example: I wish to buy DANICA heels by A. Wang. They are sold out everywhere - it would be useful to have such feature despite I am very grateful for our dearest Google chrome I would very much like to see a 'fashion engine browser'.

Maxence: And to finish are you?
1. Mac or PC? PC
2. Twitter or Facebook? both
3. iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other? Iphone is no longer my No. 1 I moved to android.
4. Heels or Flats? Both
5. Lipstick or Lipgloss? Both

Maxence: Thank you Agi for answering my questions. Where can we follow you other than on your blog?
Twitter: @liftmeupblog
Instagram: @Agidonna
Youtube: Portobello Street Style Fashion by LMUW

Agi's Picture 1
Agi's Picture 4